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Accounting and Tax Solutions for Individuals 

What do we offer? 

Harris Accounting and Tax Services performs accounting and tax services to meet the needs of individuals as they seek to lessen stresses and burdens related to completing their taxes.


Individuals have the ability to meet with our team for tax planning and consulting to prepare for the upcoming tax year and to actually prepare their taxes for the prior year. 

Our Services

Tax Preparation 

With tax laws constantly on the move, you can rest assured that our tax preparation services are thorough and accurate.


Trusting your tax preparation with an attentive and detail-oriented tax professional on a personal level is a great way to reduce your tax burden and stress. 

Tax Planning & Consulting

Reducing your tax liability requires a solid plan. We will work to help our clients reduce their tax liability through proactive tax reduction strategies and planning. 

Contact us to schedule a meeting or ask a question! 

Individual Tax Preparation
Tax Planning & Consulting
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